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About Us

Al Ameen Trade Center is wholesale retailer located in Kuwait. We distribute all kinds of products spread across a wide range of industrial fields starting from Construction,Oil Field, Ship yards, Air conditioning, Hospitals,Cement factories, Drills, Rigs...
So is our range of products, We distribute all kind of products ranging from huge and large generators to small mini tools. We have it all covered.

Our Highlights

Water Pumps, Electrical induction motors , Generators , High pressure washers, Hydro test pumps , V belts, Vpulleys, Couplings, Air compressors ,Engines, Wielding machine , Battery charges, Fuel transfer pumps,  Daphragm pumps ,  Oil Grease  Barrel pumps,   Safety items,  Electrical Cable parts,   Hoses,   Mechanical seals,  cooling fans, capacitors, AVR, Display controllers, High pressure washers and Accessories ,   Tools ,  Triplex pumps, Overhauling , Motor Rewinding Workshop

What We Provide

Alternator Rewinding.JPG
1 Projects.JPG


For any inquiries,
You can contact us through



Phone :         24921446 / 97993190  

Whatsapp:    00965 99795504

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